2017 Brooklyn Half Marathon

Rebuilding Schools with Kids of Kathmandu

For our amazing runners raising funds for Kids of Kathmandu, we are so excited to have you!

Now, scroll down and select "Start a Fundraiser" on the right column. We ask that all runners raise at least $XXXX, so please make sure you set your goal to that or a higher number! Once you name your fundraiser and set your goal amount, be sure to personalize your page by editing the “tagline”, “Description” and the backround/gallery images. We will send you an email with info about Kids of Kathmandu to help build your page.
Once you publish your project, you will see a small ‘eye’ icon next to the link to your fundraiser page, which you can click on to view it. This page will be what you will email, tweet, post and promote!

For those of you that want to support the run but are not running, please feel free to donate to this page directly, or select any of our amazing runners below and giving towards their fundraiser!

Thank you all!
Let's do this!

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