Harold Pariyar Morales

Rebuilding Schools with Kids of Kathmandu + SHoP Architects!Raising funds for technology stations and teacher training for our new schools!

On May 20, I'm running the Brooklyn Half Marathon with a team of fellow SHoP employees! We are fundraising for Kids of Kathmandu, a New York based charity that is currently rebuilding schools in Nepal in response to the devastating 2015 earthquake that took the lives of over 8,000 people and leveled 5,000 schools. Kids of Kathmandu is affiliated with SHoP Architects and the buildings that are being constructed are based off of a design that our office created just over a year ago!

With an international partnership, Kids of Kathmandu spearheaded the completion of 6 schools at the end of 2016 helping 1,200 children. These schools, built in the most devastated districts, are earthquake resistant and uniquely designed to provide the students with a safe and inspired place to learn. They are breaking ground on another new school in March 2017. In addition to school rebuilding, since 2010, Kids of Kathmandu has been providing comprehensive support for 45 children at the NYCDS orphanage to build a nurturing environment towards an educated future.

I have a goal of raising $500 to help this cause and I could really use your support!

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    Weronika Artemowicz donated $50.
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    Harold & Mina Pariyar Morales donated $100.
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    Weronika Artemowicz

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    Harold & Mina Pariyar Morales

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