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Nepal is home to the world's most majestic mountains. We are so excited for your trekking journey and your experience of a lifetime.

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  • D57c387841f03adbf050a6ac7fe7f7a5.png?s=240& avatar

    Tim Farrell

    Donated $5,000
  • Eb3c11f10c6d1dd43f0ff258e8567e7a.png?s=240& avatar

    Mechanical Technologies

    Donated $5,149.64
  • 65fd63fc73477821941b518af44986c0.png?s=240& avatar

    Zach Dunn

    Donated $65
  • 99f8d26d2b04670c5115ed659ee8c790.png?s=240& avatar

    Meghan Swanton

    Donated $5
  • Be2d45ce8cc541f588e318c6980b728f.png?s=240& avatar

    Karen And Rick Verblaauw

    Donated $200
  • 77aef859df77af864079a5d1dfcc56cc.png?s=240& avatar

    Jen Caputo's Yoga + 5th Grade Class

    Donated $155
  • B28bfe14093e9650e2f21240c9723421.png?s=240& avatar

    Gregory And Schwartz

    Donated $2,000
  • 0332436c2a29c5bc140b42a23be8a21a.png?s=240& avatar

    John Lawrence

    Donated $500
  • 528e7f317eabf10c3e55403e35128fa9.png?s=240& avatar

    Stuart Kibrick

    Donated $1,030.18
  • 072587d793d8cce9b775555ac3212c04.png?s=240& avatar

    Rachel Sullivan

    Donated $10.61
  • 8526d230f8f182cdff7dc338f7cd5df3.png?s=240& avatar

    Tena Pettit

    Donated $10